5KNIVES: Episodes 1&2


5KNIVES is a murder mystery about five friends who wake up after a night of partying to find a dead body but are unsure who committed the heinous crime.

Chapter One: “It’s My Party And I’ll Die If I Want To” – After a night of partying, five friends wake up to find the dead body of a dear friend in their apartment.

Chapter Two: “Let’s Be Cops” – Still reeling from the shocking discovery, the five friends must act quick as they receive a surprised (and unwanted) guest.

Written and directed by Kar Logan.

Starring Kar Logan, Korey Graham, Dee Valiente, Nicolette Ellis, David Clarke, Cylla Senii and introducing Eric Hardy.

Director of cinematography: Tito Saywonson
Make-up and effects by Iris Stevenson

Music from PT Bell (soundcloud.com/one-bell)
Kevin MacLeod

Facebook: www.facebook.com/5knivesthemovie/
Instagram: @5KnivesTheMovie


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