Black Web Fest Needs Your Support

International event series, Black Web Fest,needs your help. Each year, the organization organizes one-part film festival and one-part tech conference that celebrates Black creatives and digital content. The festival screens films from some of the brightest upcoming Black media makers. During the festival, attendees can also enjoy panels that feature celebrities, influencers, and industry experts. For spirit connoisseurs the event includes a wine-tasting. The two-day NYC event is the second weekend in April of every year. 2019 will be there third season. Black Web Fest will take place in both Brooklyn and Harlem. The organizers are dedicated to providing access to underserved communities, so day one of the festival is free. Some of the topics Black Web Fest 2019 will be addressing are:

  • Composing Music for Film and Digital Content
  • Black Animation, Creating Immersive Art, VR
  • Media and Wellness
  • Decentralizing Media (Cryptocurrency and Blockchain)
  • How to Build a Successful Business
  • Intellectual Property

Want to contribute to the campaign? Here is the link to contribute:


Black Web Fest Needs Your Support


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