Bobby Ashley’s The Ave: Episode 101 “A Twisted Result”

A courageous young man who commits to defrauding checks must find out and realizes that his loyalty comes with a price.

This new Brooklyn web series stars
Brett Puryear (I.G @Brett_puryear)
Nelcie Souffrant (I.G @NelcieS)
Krystal Garner (I.G @mskgxo)
Shaniqua West (I.G @Shaniqua_west)
Zae Diggs (I.G @diggs_town)
Reggie Beneche (I.G @reggiebeneche)
Steven Fernandez (I.G @checking4check)
Alee Chery (I.G @ayitiprince)
Shumeria Harris (I.G @shumerria)
Guyviaud Joseph (I.G @gmugs)
Devon Carr (I.G @carrnation)

Created by Bobby Ashley (I.G. @IamBobbyAshley)
Produced by Mical Milus (I.G @andim_done)


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