Web Series Creators: Exclusive Interview with On The Scene Crew

In this exclusive interview ColoredContent chatted with the crew of “On The Scene” to learn about how they started the web series and more.

Director: Jay (Videohero) Rid
Director of Photography: Bre Black
Writer: Nicole Jocleen

For anyone who didn’t watch “On The Scene”, what is the series about?
Nicole Jocleen (Writer): It is a series about urban socialites balancing their love lives while maintaining close friendships in Oklahoma City.

What inspired you to create the web series?
Nicole Jocleen (Writer): One of the cast members Shayla Monroe suggested that I turn my book, On The Scene, into a show. After thinking about it, I figured by creating a web series it could act as a marketing tool for that book. Now that the series is here, it’s kind of turned into its own separate thing.

The women of the series, Melanie, Tracey and Tera, are all in different places in their relationship. Why did you choose to tell each of their stories?
Nicole Jocleen (Writer): I think their stories are most common among women. We’ve all settled for a connection over a title. We’ve all dated someone while knowing they were dating someone else. Basically, we’ve all made mistakes.

How do you think we as the Black community can increase diversity in media?
Videohero (Director): I think what we’re seeing now is black people creating our own content for our own people. There are so many media platforms. We just have to champion our own. Issae Rae got a deal with HBO and it all started with a web series.

What was the biggest struggle creating the series and how did you overcome it?
Videohero (Director): I would say for me it was shooting scenes in clubs and at live events. There’s so little you can control. But I think that’s one of the things that makes our web series unique. We put scripted acting in live settings. Nicole sees what events are happening in the city and asks them if we could come there to shoot.

What can fans expect next from the “On The Scene” team?
Videohero (Director): We did a short film called “Creep” we’ll drop that soon. Plus more events to help get the word out about us and season 3!

Watch On the Scene now on ColoredContent.


Web Series Creators: Exclusive Interview with On The Scene Crew


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