Web Series Creators: Exclusive Interview with Bobby Ashley

Q&A with Bobby Ashley, Creator, of the web series “The Ave”

In this interview we get the low down about the action drama web series  “The Ave” from the creator, Bobby Ashley. Learn about the inspiration behind the web series in this exclusive interview.

1)What inspired you to create “The Ave”? The inspiration behind creating “The Ave’ came from my telling my reality and the gutter truth of what goes on behind close doors in the hood. We see so many shows that focuses on one aspect of telling an urban story, but what this series carries is a universal message that so many people, outside of the target audience, can relate and understand.

2)The series takes place in Brooklyn, New York how does the landscape influence the story? 
Brooklyn is becoming the next ‘hollywood outside of hollywood”. There are so many productions happening in Brooklyn which makes it great for rising filmmakers like myself. As far as “The Ave’ centering in Brooklyn, Brownsville has so many stories that needs to be told and “The Ave” is that platform for it. Every borough in Brooklyn are similar to chapters in novel, but written by different authors and their perspective.

3)The major characters in the series, like Nate, are very arrogant. This ends up being their downfall. Was there a reason you used this common theme throughout the series? None of my characters are “arrogant”. They all are rounded characters, meaning that each of these characters carry some type of complexity, to the point of the audience connecting to them. Also, the personal subtext issues that we deal with such as infidelity (Nate’s character). Suicide (Keith’s character) and per pressure (Sergio’s character) which makes the series different from others and carry quality.

4)What is the biggest message you want people to get from the series? The biggest message that I want people to take away from this series is to don’t be afraid to go out there and shoot your reality. As far each character, mistakes are to be made but everyone has to learn from them for growth to happen.

5)For anyone trying to get into film making, or screen play writing what tips do you have for them? Continue to learn from the greats to become great.

6)With discussions about boycotting the Oscars going on, how do you think Black people can get more visibility in media and entertainment? By delivering the same value that we give towards the Oscars to our own awards like the NAACP IMAGE AWARDS. Also, by supporting more of our content. So many of us have the “crab in the barrel” mentality which needs to change.

7)The season ends with a cliffhanger. Can we get any spoilers about next season? No spoilers but expect the unexpected.

8)What else can we expect next from Bobby Ashley and “The Ave” team? Everyone can expect more content coming from me. I am currently writing my next film and series. The writing never stops because we have to continue to keep rising to the top.

If you enjoy the “The Ave”, support the second season of the web series by donating to their gofundmepage.


Web Series Creators: Exclusive Interview with Bobby Ashley


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