Web Series Creators: Exclusive Interview with “Struggle Bus” Team

In our exclusive Q&A with the “Struggle Bus” team we learn more about the series and how they want to encourage other students across the country.

For everyone who doesn’t know what the term struggle bus means could you explain it?
We chose the title “Struggle Bus” because it indicates that more than one person is on it (it being the bus). As college students we constantly are bombarded with difficulties whether it be money problems, issues with class, and of course relationship drama. A few years ago the saying “the struggle is real” started to become popular on the Syracuse University campus. So we decided we’d take the word struggle and think of something that makes it sound inclusive, that’s how we came up with “Struggle Bus”.

How does the term relate to the web series?
In relation to our web series, the term “struggle Bus” really zeros in on relationship drama specifically. We watch as exes rear their ugly heads and new love affairs quickly turn for the worse as young people try to make sense of what it means to be in a relationship on a college campus where your business is hard to keep a secret and your feelings are hard to keep under control.

What inspired you to create the web series “Struggle Bus”?
We wanted to work on a project that allowed for us to apply the things we were learning in our classrooms to something real as well as learn about things that we didn’t go over at all in class. A lot of the students working on this project have majors that go in completely different directions, so this show was a great opportunity for all of us to work on something we were all interested in. This web series calls for a great deal of skill and development in a multitude of areas that we didn’t even realize applied to the creation of a show. Scheduling, casting, screenwriting, editing, building a team, promotion, the list goes on. We knew we wanted to be a part of the film and television industry outside of college and had we not developed this series we wouldn’t have known all that goes into this type of art. Now we can grow creatively as well as have something to show for ourselves when people ask what we have done during our time at SU.

The show breaks the fourth wall why did you decide to use that device in telling the story?
Television has really transformed over the past few years and reality TV is on the rise. Confessionals is a common theme in reality TV and the style has even shown itself in a lot of popular scripted series. We’d like to think of “Struggle Bus” as a nice in between. We break the fourth wall to help our audiences develop a better connection with our characters as well as help the story line to become more intimate to the audience by specifically sharing characters thoughts in the moment. It also really helps with the fact that we are working on a mini-series, so as much information about a situation as we can share is always a plus.

What is one message you would like people to take from the series?
Our main message is to share with college students how much of our experience is common. We’re young, we’re still figuring things out and a lot of times we’re nervous. We feel alone with our struggles. This show works to make light of the situations we so often put ourselves in, that in the moment can feel like the end of the world.

What can we look for next from the “Struggle Bus” team?
You can look forward to more creative risk taking with the project as well as better showcasing the many talents that our cast members have. This show continues to grow with each shoot as we learn more about writing, directing, and acting for the camera.

How has new / digital media, such as: YouTube, Instagram, or even Vine, helped you reach your audience?
We have definitely taken advantage of the social media uproar when it comes to accessing our audience. We use Instagram as an opportunity to connect with other similar web series as well as develop audiences through following people we think would appreciate our content. Using social media is another way for “Struggle Bus” to appear more real to people through posting pictures and videos of us on set and tweeting to our fans online!

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Web Series Creators: Exclusive Interview with “Struggle Bus” Team


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