Four Black Beauty Influencers Who Challenge Traditional Beauty Standards

Photos from left to right. Shalom Blac courtesy YouTube/@Cosmopolitan, Nyma Tang courtesy Youtube

Written by Stephanie Yuvienco

For years mass media presented beauty as thin women with European features posing in elegant dresses and perfectly coiffed hair. This unrealistic view of beauty can be harmful for an individual’s self-image. Luckily you can now hop onto Youtube and see various people flaunt their beauty in different shapes sizes and ethnicities. We have choose to list a few Black beauty influencers who are challenging traditional beauty standards and will remind you to love being in your own skin.


When Shalom Blac was 9-years-old, her face was severely burned in accident with hot oil. Through all of the emotional and physical pain, one thing always prevailed: her love for make-up. While recovering, she discovered her own beauty behind her scars and decided to share that with the rest of the world, embracing her differences. The series ‘I Am A Burn Survivor & Beautiful | Dear Shalom’ on Blac’s channel, invites burn survivors to share their story while they get a makeover from the influencer herself.


You can catch him uploading a highlight/contour routine on Youtube, or posting a quick selfie of his latest look on Instagram. Adejonwo openly talks about what it’s like being a gay Nigerian man who wears makeup and is nothing less than proud of himself. His words of inspiration will teach you that no one can take anything away from you once you’ve fully accept your identity.


At 23, Chidera Eggerue has created a beauty blog, started radio show, written a book and generated support for her hashtag #SaggyBoobsMatter. She calls herself The Slumfower, a tastemaker for all your self-confidence needs. Through her multiple social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and even her radio show, her goal is to always promote self-love and to ignore all traditional standards of beauty. Eggerue pretty much reminds you to do you.


Nyma Tang achieved Youtube sensation for her viral Youtube reviews of makeup brands Her series called ‘The Darkest Shade’ has racked up millions of views for promoting inclusivity of shades within the makeup industry. Because it’s so difficult for her to find makeup that works perfectly with her skin, she shares her encounters with brands whose promise for darker shades fall short or follow through, hoping to enlighten the curious and those with her skin tone.


Four Black Beauty Influencers Who Challenge Traditional Beauty Standards


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