The Rules of Messin’ Around : Season 2 Episode 1 & 2

WEB SERIES: The Rules of Messin’ Around (TROMA) web series: Season 2 Episode 1 and 2

A seemingly happily married man, is the role-model to his three bachelor friends. Although the bachelor’s life is more enticing, all games must come to an end.

“The Rules of Messin Around (TROMA)” is a Strong Will Entertainment Production.
Starring Mykie Fisher, Nina Webster, Orlando Cortez, Patrick James, Percy Bell, and Elycia Chanel
Created by Willie Robbins, III
Written by Willie Robbins, III
Directed by Willie Robbins, III
Executive Producers: Willie Robbins, III
Produced by: Meleisha J. Edwards
Producer: Will Robbins
Cinematography: Will Robbins
Edited by: Will Robbins
Social Media Coordinators: India Laterica / Nina Webster



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