Schedule for Black Web Fest 2019

Black Web Fest each year brings together Black creators to network, learn new skills, and screen films . This is the festival’s third season and promises to be even bigger and better. Here is the festival’s full schedule:


12 pm Opens

12 pm – 3 pm Exhibits

3 pm – 4 pm Idea to Launch: Creating Content & Making Money

Moderated by: Dui Jarrod

The workshop will be led by award-winning filmmaker Dui Jarrod. Jarrod will discuss how to create a winning idea and sell your content.

4 pm – 5 pm Screenwriting Workshop

Moderated by: Lande Yoosuf and Reggie Williams

Lande Yoosuf and Reggie Williams, founders of Black Film Space, will moderate the a screenwriting workshop.(Bring your screenplay and they will select two to review during the workshop.)

5 pm – 6 pm Talk Forwards with Black Web Fest Filmmakers

Moderated by: David J. Hamilton


6 pm – 12 am

Opening night party with live DJ and open bar.


11 am – 12 pm Registration


12 pm – 4 pm Film Screenings


12 pm – 4 pm Panels

12 pm – 1pm Decentralizing Media

Blockchain technology is disrupting more than the financial industry. Our Decentralizing Media panel will explain some of the ways blockchain is being used to transform media.

1 pm – 2 pm Branding Your Digital Presence

A panel discussion about best practices for designing your digital presence.

2 pm – 3 pm The Sound Effect: Composing for Film

Regardless of the medium, music is a powerful piece of storytelling. The Sound Effect panel will bring together musicians, media makers, and professionals in the music industry to discuss their experience composing for film.

3 pm – 4 pm Creating Outside the Lines: Animation, Immersive Art & VR

Innovation in technology is making animation, virtual reality and other forms of immersive art more accessible for creators. Black animators, designers and developers come together to discuss how they are creating media, breaking barriers, and providing more representation.


4 pm – 5 pm Networking / Wine Tasting


Film Screenings


5 pm – 8 pm Panels

5 pm – 6 pm Intellectual Property: The Big Money Maker

Marvel, Star Wars, and JK Rowling have sold/ licensed their intellectual property to make money. During this
panel experts will discuss how your IP can be valuable for creators.

6 pm – 7 pm Building a Million Dollar Business

Entrepreneurs from various industries explain how they went from 0 to 100. The panel will also share
best practices, and biggest challenges.

7pm – 8 pm Mind Over Media: Mental Health & Wellness

Creatives and professionals in the mental health and wellness space have an open conversation about
balancing the pressures of fast-paced work environments.

Learn more about the festival, screenings and panelist on the official Black Web Fest app:


Schedule for Black Web Fest 2019


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