All That Shabaz: Episode 1

WEB SERIES:All That Shabaz: Episode 1 – “I Ain’t No Joke”

Shabaz takes the students on an unforgettable field trip, which gets him fired. The Superintendent and Principal call Leah in to break the news to Shabaz.

Created by Shanice Williamson
© Soze Studios 2016
based on a character created by Greg “Barber on Duty” Hall

Dewey Williamson, Executive Producer
Soze Studios, INC.

in association with
TPN, Bobby & Renee Peoples
(DP, Sound, Editing, co-producers)

Additional Sound Editing by Len Cassamas

Andre’ L. McDow, co-Executive Producer

GRIFF as Shabaz
Needa-Mya Chambers as Leah
Christian Grey Moore as Josh
ChelseyRai Standberry as Vivian
Dayna Price as Principal Ingrid Jacobson
Xavier Shelton as Wil
Meredith Scafidi as Melodie
Gregory Wayne Hall, III as Malcolm
Dhakirah Williamson as Lenovia
Cobin Bugni as Abel
Antonio Sims as DeMarcus
Fredrick Martin as Superintendent Joseph Carson

Associate Producer and AD, Sadie Bugni
Hair & Makeup by Nina Bell
Wardrobe by Christina Ayoleke


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