Shampagne: Episode 3

WEB SERIES: Shampagne 3 – Family

Telling older brother about said idea and guru? MERP

How will M’s brother, James, take her huge career move?
Will he be on board or crush her dreams?
Also, has Leroy helped M find her inner, Pagnecham? Or is that STILL a work in progress?

Change can be a good thing…right?

Created, Written and Executive Produced by Melissa Mickens
Directed by Jason Gray

Melissa Mickens as “M”
David J. Cork as “James”
Barron B. Bass as “Leroy Legend”
Alicia Lundgren as “Alicia”

Director of Photography- Jamie Li and Pierce Robinson
Producer- Glenn Quentin
Editor- Kendra Holloway
Music Supervisor- @Bbasstheillest


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