6 Web Series To Quench Your Thirst For ‘Power’

If you’re a fan of Power, you’re probably still reeling from the Season 3 finale.  The Starz series, which centers around a club owner and his secret life as a formidable drug dealer, effectively toes the line between high stakes drama and breathtaking suspense.  It’s the perfect summer series that never seems to stick around long enough.  While fans of the show might have to hold out until next July to see what happens to Ghost and crew, they can get their Power fix from these six original Black web series.

360 L.I.F.E: Episode 1


360 L.I.F.E.’s tagline reads “Life is a paradise for the rich; a game for a fool; and a tragedy for the poor”. Those three statements capture the raw essence of the series.

The show follows the seedy double life of Max Monday, a corrupt criminal defense lawyer who’s at the top of his game thanks to all the wheeling and dealing he does behind the scenes.  His biggest clients are members of New York’s notorious crime-ridden underbelly, and getting into his good graces comes at a high price.  Season one is streaming now on Colored Content.


WEB SERIES: RespectLife

Now in its second season, RespectLife centers around Brooklyn’s intricate drug trade and the way it affects the lives of those involved.  Imagine the twists and turns of Power combined with a more detailed human approach.  This gritty series pays homage to Bed Stuy complete with a booming hip hop soundtrack that’s sure to impress rap aficionados.



The Terms is another Brooklyn-based crime drama.  But instead of diving into the lives of those actively involved in the drug business, the series tracks the life of Biz as he tries to turn his life around.  The former drug dealer has made the decision to leave his dope dealing days behind but it seems the streets have another plan for him.



Less concerned with the drug underworld and more focused on individual stories, Lanes takes a look at the lives of several different characters spread throughout Brooklyn.  From an aspiring rapper hawking his mixtape on street corners to the financial struggles of an everyday couple, the series shines a light on the complexities of everyday life.



Where the other series are focused on male leads, Pieces shifts focus to the life of Hope White.  After getting a taste of the riches associated with pyramid schemes and scamming, she sets out to fix a flawed system and become the first woman to ascend to the top.

Bobby Ashley’s The Ave: Episode 101 “A Twisted Result”

WEB SERIES: Bobby Ashley’s The Ave

A group of young men set out to become entrepreneurs, but they fund their dreams by defrauding checks.  Their aspirations are big but their past mistakes keep catching up with them.  Bobby Ashley’s The Ave follows their stories as they try to stay ahead of impending consequences and achieve ultimate success.

Other web series you should watch:


Here’s 2 The Throne

The Hand I Was Dealt


6 Web Series To Quench Your Thirst For ‘Power’


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