Situationships: Episode 8

WEB SERIES: Situationships: Episode Eight

When all your situationships come crashing into each other! Watch the thrilling season finale of Situationships now!

Cylla Senii
Tarion Taylor
Amylee Sanchez
Sean Dominic
Nicolette Ellis
Jonathan Iglesias
Allison Frasca
Joseph Shayne
Jonathan Garcia
Mia Johnson
Elroy Martinez
Gypsy Rose
Emma Leiberman
Ke Whichard

Creator: Cylla Senii
Executive Producer: Cylla Senii & Kevin Green
Director: Cylla Senii, Elegance Bratton
Producer: Brandon Brathwaite
Writer: Cylla Senii
Director of Photography: Alfonso Jaramillo
First Assistant Director: DeShaun Wright
Editor: Cylla Senii, Bear Collins
Sound: Tito Saywonson
Colorist: Bear Collins
Grip: Tito Saywonson
Gaffer: Tito Saywonson
Production Assistant: Camille Elvery, Iris Stevens, Kar Logan
Hair/Make Up/Stylist: Stephanie Miyares
Script Supervisor: Camille Elvery
Still Photographer: Sasha Fountain



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