Situationships: Episode 1

WEB SERIES: Situationships: Episode One

Situationships is a smart and sexy dramedy exposing the twists and turns of millennial dating.

Cylla Senii
Tarion Taylor
Amylee Sanchez
Sean Martin
Nicolette Ellis
Jonathan Iglesias
Allison Frasca
Korey Graham

Creator: Cylla Senii
Executive Producer: Cylla Senii & Kevin Green
Director: Cylla Senii, B. Monét
Producer: Brandon Brathwaite
Writers: Cylla Senii, Kevin Green, Kar Logan, Cynthia Clemons
Director of Photography: Elegance Bratton
Editor: Maya Haynes, Gene Patterson, Bear Collins, Cylla Senii
Sound: Gene Patterson
Colorist: Bear Collins
Grip: Tito Saywonson
Production Assistant: Iris Stevens, Kar Logan, Mike Stanford, Jac’leen Smith
Hair/Make Up/Stylist: Saata Senii

Situationships Theme Song by Verse Simmonds! (

Featuring music by Khamari, suavetheproducer, & Andrea Lewis


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