The Reversal: (Pilot) Ep. 2 – Reunions Pt. 2

“The Reversal” is a concept series about a group of friends coming up in New York City and what happens when men and women switch personas. Rhonda is recovering from the damage of her last relationship by lashing out in her dating life. Anthony has high standards when it comes to women and is reminded why when he is reunited with an old fling. Starring Sabrina Gilbert, Ananiki “MIZZP.” Peoples, Mad – Man, and Cory Black. Guest roles include Darryl J., Kenya Wilson, Quincy Jones, Charles Salerno, K-Dezit and Chananya. Written & Directed By Keef Louda. Filmed By Darryl J. (Fareelmedia) and Keef Louda (LOUDA Films). Visual Effects By LOUDA Films. Produced By Monkey Muzik Artists and LOUDA Films. Sound Assistance By Qwest La Soul, Licari Garrett, Cory Black, Mad-Man, and Ananiki “MIZZP.” Peoples . Extras: Matt Wilkerson and Sofia Ferrandiz. Skylne assistance By Air Peagasus (NY Heliport). Edited By Keef Louda. All Rights Reserved (c).


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