The Student Body EP. 5 The Pledge [Season 1]

Naomi Day you’re friendly neighborhood awkward Black otaku geek is sick of being one of the guys. She longs to be apart of a sorority. Her wishes are answered when she bumps into Angel Judas AKA Big sister all-mighty. Who convinces Naomi to pledge Kappa Phi Chi. A surprise awaits Naomi at the of her journey, but will the sorority sisters make it out alive in this final episode of The Student Body web series?
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Directed by:Christian Smooth

Jessica Pettiford – Naomi “kagome” Day
Alyese Hamilton – Angel Judas
Kedrick O’Banner -Mario Kirk
Nyota Seymour – Sister Made in China
Ayanna Sharif – Sister Starbucks
Naajia Bacchus – Sister Bloody Mary
Ashley Dakins – Sister Wiggle Wiggle
Danit Habtemariam -Sister Athena
Briana Miller – Sister Missy Eliot

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The Student Body


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