YhaWright Productions!’s LoveMyRoomie Season 2 Trailer

YhaWright Productions! just announced they will be releasing season 2 of #LoveMyRoomie in February of 2018. #LoveMyRoomie Season 2 (#LMR2), is a newly branded version of a web series that first came onto the digital scene in December 2016. Season One, written and produced by Yhá Mourhia Wright, was a mock-reality short, sketch style, web-series centering on the lives of three roommates: Giselle, U’Moriah and Yasmine.

Now, nearly one year later, #LoveMyRoomie Season 2, written and directed by Yhá Mourhia Wright has transformed into a “provocative digital mini series” about three young Black women in NYC. The women are an eclectic combination. U’Moriah is a sexual late bloomer juggling her career and personal pursuits. Giselle, a budding socialite, is engulfed in the pursuit of keeping up appearances. Yasmine, is an Afro-Latina that is determine to challenge a world that tries to define her; as she pursues higher education her family attempts to pull her in a different direction.

#LoveMyRoomie Season 2 delves much deeper into the mental, financial, and societal pressures that these three women face. The series also shares how the characters grapple with establishing their independence during an age of self-discovery. These stories are meant to shed light on the challenges that millennial women of the African diaspora face. Together and a part, these three women are fighting for their lives, in a world that so often feels like it is not fighting for them in return.

The official trailer was released in late August. If you want to learn more about the series and YhaWright Productions! visit their website.


YhaWright Productions!’s LoveMyRoomie Season 2 Trailer


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